Spring Break: The Wasteful Days

Well, Spring Break is over now, and times are sad again, because of course, illegitimate school is throei.g itself at me once again. Man, I hate it.

But then again, school provides you with something, anything to do, in contrast to doing absolutely nothing throughout the day. And let’s be honest, most of us have wasted precious hours instead of making, creating, impacting society our ourselves in any way. It’s a really dirty, gruggy feeling, at least to me that’s how a wasteful day feels like, and it’s a really guilty feeling that can lead to a tormenting of the self conscious. I mean, you know you could have done so much more, yet you continue to daze your eyes for hours in front of that televisio, watching some television show, or really, watching someone else’s life forming and happening right in front of you, instead of forming your own life! The wasteful days always gets to me, but the thing is, at the beginning of that wasteful day, before you realize how wasteful the day was, or the regret of throwing a way a day, the prospect of rest, or a.break from life is intoxicating. But for a person who has goals, and tough goals for their life, not a single day should be wasted away.

I know the way I speak of this, it could be a lead in to some momentous statement that from now on I will never waste a day away watching TV, or reading useless articles about celebrites, and even spending too much time reading important articles or organization websites instead of taking those ideas and putting them through action whether it is writing about them, or carrying out an active project.

Wasteful days are a part of life, and sometimes they may even be  necessary if you do spend your days relentlentlessly working, just remember to keep the wasteful days down to a minimum.

The aftereffects of a day spent wasted is just not cool. Not cool at all, at least for me.

So why do I write about it? Wouldn’t it be that writing on the topic of a wasteful day be wasteful and useless itself?

Well, you see, one of the reasons that I write, is because an event, idea, object has impacted me, and I don’t want to just keep it in my mind for no one to see, or to see and look at myself with words. These thoughts and words that I am writing are hapenning live, RIGHT NOW. I won’t be thinking these exact thoughts anymore tomorrow, or a minute from now, or even  second from now. Okay, I’m kind of drifting away from the point of why I wrote this. I write about events and moments that impact me, everybody does, or at least should. And as ironic as it may seem, wasteful days make a big impact on me. They inspire me to be better, to DO better, because I know that I can, and the post-day guilt is just too influential to my mind that I can’t not write about it.

So this might be a stupid blog entry anyways, but I don’t care. Wasteful days are a problem, serious problem, in this generation of millenials, and I guess through this I addressed that issue, and its need to be minimized as much as the human teenager could possibly fight off their laziness. 

So I guess that’s it for now.

Random Statement of the day: Gym membership price is completely unfair, and so not cool.


Spring Break Vacation: Toddlers

You know, the days leading up to the blissful days of Spring Break are painful. Having to face those ugly hours and faces at school, while time slowly inches its way to your freedom from high school. Lets’s all admit it: High School is oddly at the same time one of the worst places on Earth while somehow being at the same time the most rewarding places on Earth. I guess the same goes for Earth overall if were rating our planet.

ANYWAYS, back to the concept of Spring Break. It’s infamously known for being a time to letting loose from the strenuous times of high school and the college days, but for people like me, it’s a time to re-encounter myself with my buddies called Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Kidding, but Spring Break is becoming more to me like a time to catch up to life, as hard as it may be, but sometimes, things happen, and there’s a need to visit the family, and return back to the place of their childhood. All I will say about where I am right now is that it is considered the music capital of the nation and possibly the world and is one of the best cities in America.

Anyways, my Spring Break is no longer catch-up to life time, but instead, take a few steps back in life. But I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.

So I’m back in my old hometown, of which I lived 11 years in, and of course, I am staying with my own family members, who have their own house and their own families and their own home lifestyle. The thing is, these families are young families, with young children, so you can assume the troubles of my situation.

Here’s how the patterns of sound extends throughout the day: Excited yells, Nagging, Stern Talking to, Screaming and Tears, More Excited Screaming, More Stern Talking to, More Tears, More nagging.

No matter how big the house, there is no escaping the creeping toddler consistently behind you, desperately seeking attention from this new being that has interrupted regular family scheduling in the house, and are now the object of admiration of that little toddler due to the level of coolness first represented when communicating with the toddler.

I guess you could say I’m that “cool” new being now. But see, the definition of “cool” to a toddler is WAY different than the definition of “cool” to the average teenager. But then again, most teenagers would not act around a teenager the way one would around a toddler. So out of the number of younglings in the household, one of them took a liking to me. I mean, he’s a cool kid for the first 15 minutes, but then once you give a kid your attention and make him laugh for one second, he’s 100% completely attached to your hip for the next two hours at the least.

For the next TWO HOURS, you are his life hero, idol, whatever you want to call it, you are his everything.
(This may be exaggerated, but that’s literally what it seems like)

Anyways, during these next two hours, you begin to learn more about the brain of the average toddler, and the result is, insanity.

But they can’t help it, they’re still basically experimenting and learning the ways of the world, and still don’t quite understand the concept of embarrassment, awkwardness, right or wrong…AT ALL.

From my observations, I have learned toddlers have this coming curiosity with the human body. Admit it, it’s true! I’m almost positive, many of you out there will experience an extremely awkward moment with a toddler asking you questions about nudity or what a certain body part is and point to it using you as an example…

Then there is the topic of kissing that raises the curiosity of toddlers worldwide who begin to see kisses on TV or in movies, and it seems like it would be inevitable for a toddler to experiment with that, but all of the time, toddlers are dumb and like to play around, so if some toddlers are curious enough, they will start experimenting with kisses themselves.

So I guess to end this blog about the effects of toddlers on my Spring Break, I’ll finish of with their worst quality of all. Their vocal cords.

It’s their prized possession. It’s like after about 2 years of not being able to speak understand English, they have found that’s this new ability of theirs to speak English will give them everything they want in life. Worst of all, they put it into there minds that maybe if they cry, and cry really really hard, there’s no way they can’t get what they want. These freaking babies learn the importance and effect crying has on their parents, and once they realize how much their parents pay attention to them when they cry, it immediately becomes their secret weapon, of which they nastily consistently use.

I live in a house of four, including a dog. And it’s wonderful becomes no one yells right into my face when they seek my attention. Instead, they respectfully yell for me from a distance. It’s a mellow household, with it’s moments of loudness every now and then. So trying to adjust to a household with constant commotion and toddlers running around through every corner screaming into your face; it’s hard.

The thing is, I’ve only been here one day, and the first day is usually the day you adjust yourself to the surroundings. And when I think about how this commotion is concurrent EVERY SINGLE DAY at this household, I can’t comprehend how the parents cope with this lifestyle. How does your brain not freak out with all these children whining and crying and nagging and making all the obnoxious sounds they could possibly make?

I plan to write on this blog throughout the week of Spring Break about the most notable moments or topics of the day, and unfortunately, today’s was toddlers. I could have written about what it was like seeing my birthplace again, and how I took it for granted before and how much I would love to live in such an awesome and weird place again. I could have talked about the rest of my family, and how weird it seems to me that they new me as a child for so long, and now they are seeing me grow up. It’s weird, as is everything in life.

Anyways, I guess my toddler rant is over by now, and yes, I do realize my blogs are way too long, but whatever; as I think you know, I hate being limited, therefore I like that blogger lets me have as long of a blog as I want.

The Not So Random Statement of the Day: I should look up a study done on toddlers ages 3-6 and see what the heck is going on in their brains that causes them to act a certain way socially.

Random Statement of the Day: There is none. But I guess I could mention how Workaholics is an awesome show, and freaking hilarious. There.

A Mystic Pizza Kind of Day

These days, my mother had gotten into Korean Television shows, and at first, I was like,”Those must be the stupidest,worthless shows on the planet, and there’s no reason anyone should be watching them”, but as I saw my mom continuing her Korean binge watching series, I saw how much she laughed, and blushed, and actually admired how these shows were set up. And she usually never, EVER gets so gushed up over any of the TV shows that I consistently get gushed up in, so one gets curious, you know?

Thank god for the ability to stream on the mobile device; it saves our family from strains over who gets to watch Netflix on the main TV. So I go to her room to watch some Korean show on Netflix on a mobile device, and I must say, I was mildly impressed at both the story lines, comedy, and acting. Perhaps not that it’s good, but that’s it’s interesting to watch it in another language and another culture, and the comedy is also pretty different, but what got to me was the romance. There was something so sweet about it, and through that, it officially marked the day a romance kind of day. Not for me particularly, because romance is far out of my reach these days and for many days to come, but a romance movie kind of day.

So we watched Mystic Pizza of course.

It was my first time watching it, and it’s an eighties movie, and no matter how bad an eighties movie is, I’m always going to love it, because the 80’s are awesome and the 21st century is, well, less awesome to say the least. For example, take Flashdance. I honestly can say that I really don’t like that movie, at all, but you know why I love it? The music, the hair, the clothes, the setting, the culture and the things that define the 80’s, but that movie could have been so much more. It’s sad, because the soundtrack is so FREAKING amazing.

ANYWAYS, back to Mystic Pizza. So the movie is about three girls women who work at a pizzeria called Mystic Pizza of course, and how each of them are faced with a different kind of love with different kind of people. The movie begins first by showing to us Jojo Barboza, who is just about to get married, and she clearly doesn’t want to, and once she reaches the altar, she faints. Throughout the movie, it’s clear that she loves her fiance or boyfriend or whatever you would call the guy in that situation, since they continue to see each other after the wedding doesn’t follow through, but she does NOT want to get married. So throughout the movie we see Jojo almost trying to avoid the commitment of marriage through lust, and this character is played so vibrantly, it’s great to watch.

So we move on to Kat and Daisy Arujo. The sisters, one headed off soon to Yale, and the other stuck at the Mystic Pizza in Connecticut. Kat (Annabeth Gish), comes from a poor family, and besides from her job at the Mystic Pizza, she finds one as a babysitter with, you guesses it, an incredibly handsome man with perfect hair, who is also a Yale alum. You can tell from the moment he gives her the job, there will be romance involved. Thing is, she’s 18 and he’s married with a 4 year old daughter, but throughout the movie, you see how great for each other they are.

And then there’s Daisy, played by the awesome and beautiful Julia Roberts. Daisy IS beautiful and everybody knows it, so one day when she goes to a bar with Jojo, and spots the Perfect Young American Rich Kid, and he spots her, their pretty much set on the bumpy road to love. To bring more light to Daisy’s love story, it’s important to mention Charles Gordon Winsor, the Perfect American Rich Kid, recently got kicked out of law school for cheating, and when he finally tells Daisy, you learn more about the type of person Daisy is, and the kind of love she wants, and the love she gives.

It’s weird talking about love, or analyzing love with another person, because it’s different than the kind of love you have with your family. And at my age, that kind of love is pretty much a foreign language, but maybe that’s why these kinds of movies are made, you know? The typical teen romance movie could usually never teach you what  real love is, or just how it happens or how it feels or makes you feel, but Mystic Pizza shows you, or at least showed me, the mechanics involved in love, and how much it can mess up your brain, but warm your heart. The thing about about Mystic Pizza are these three women, and their completely different personalities affect us, the story, and the love that they encounter.

The question here, I guess, is how does it relate to pizza at all?

Just kidding. The pizza place is a great setting. It’s where the story starts and the story ends, and, be forewarned, you’ll want pizza more than you’ve ever wanted in you life after seeing Mystic Pizza’s pizza.

So I guess for now, that’s my movie review of Mystic Pizza. Maybe when I’m older,views will change, my writing will be hopefully be better, and I’ll be able to round up a movie story line better, but the important thing is that I wrote something today, about a movie that I genuinely loved. Yeah, I love it, and it doesn’t even seem that great of a movie to me, but I love it! How the mind works….

Random statement of the day: I have a snowman pen in my possession, and it doesn’t even work.

Upcoming thoughts on future blogs:
-The moment right after any movie ends and the credits start to roll. What happens in that moment, physically, mentally, emotionally?
-Nat and Alex Wolff-these two deserve greater praise, and I’m gonna tell you why you need to know them and love them, because you do
-My First Encounter With Nora Ephron-(through film, and extremely unfortunately not in reality)
-Whatever pops into my mind

Facebook Friends

Okay. I’ll tell you the truth. Two days ago I had over 350 friends on Facebook, and shamefully, I could also tell you 3 years ago I was proud of that fact. Even acknowledging that fact pains me deep, pains me deep. But that’s just how it is when you’re growing up, you know.  

So when I first got my Facebook, I thought I needed tons and tons of friends, and I didn’t add or accept complete strangers of friends of course; but I thought if I added all the people who had Facebook that were in my classes(who I also barely new and were also basically to an extent strangers), I would be cool. This was in middle school, of which now seems like eons ago, therefore my brain was really at the height of the stupid stage. 
You see, my personality is not exactly equip for social interaction, and in some ways it still isn’t, unless I meet someone as awkward and geeky as me, then we can be best buds. But in middle school, all your insecure self wants is to be noticed, to have friends, to be liked. At the elementary level, you don’t care too much, but once you start middle school, that need for some form of a social life is unhealthily intense, and it’s sad. 
But then, things happen, and each person has their own “thing” that happens, (things happen refers to life happens) while going through the first deadly year of middle school, puberty, and insecurities. So. life continued, and things, moments, memories happened, and I got smarter, I got common sense. I guess you could say I was lucky to get it earlier than others, because even today, at my age, I still see in others that relentless need for popularity, and it’s really sad. 
But then I think about all the goals and things I have and plan to do in my life, and then I don’t really care about those people with a need for popularity, because 100% of the time, they suck. I could delve into the aspect of popularity and its effect in schools for hours, but back to this blogs connection with Facebook. 
Anyways, as I said before, when I first got a Facebook, the math in my head was, more online friends, more reality friends, more popularity. Stupid, stupid, stupid. So by the time I reached over at least 200 friends, I was like, “Mission accomplished”, but you see, Facebook has little to no effect to your social life in middle school, because if people don’t like talking to you in reality, it won’t make a difference how popular you seem to look on the internet. 
So when my brain started to grow up, and I realized the wastefulness of Facebook, and popularity, and worrying about other people’s thoughts, I didn’t care about the number of Facebook friends I had, because caring about that is ABSOLUTELY STUPID when there’s such greater things to give your care in this world. Don’t waste your “care” on Facebook.
See, Facebook puts all these people in a “Friends” category, but are they all really your friends? Most of them are just acquaintances, and most of them are probably strangers by now. There are some Facebook accounts that have up to thousands of friends. NO ONE has thousands of friends. Friends is a term that should be used with caution. You can say someone is a friend, but having a REAL friend is rare.
Today, I have 350 friends on my account, and now I have 199, and I’m still not done pressing the un-friend button.(Seriously, it takes way too long to unfriend people. I mean, I want them the freak out of my life NOW)
Anyways, what I’m trying to say here is, no one should ever care or worry about how many friends they have on Facebook, because that is one of the many epitomes of what defines stupidity. 98% of the people that were listed on my friends list weren’t my friends at all. Never were, never will be. 
I’ve had this thought in my brain for quite a while, and I felt the need to put it somewhere, but my notebook is too special to me to have to waste paper on such stupidity. So I release my thoughts on this heavenly blog, probably no none will read it anyways, so as I like to say, whatever. 
Random statement of the hour: 
The word “whatever” will always have a special place in my heart for its genius yet simple qualities in the English language. I might just dedicate an entire blog to the word one day.

The Original "Description" Under My Title

500 characters Max? I hate being limited, even though I would most likely not fill this space up with 500 characters of words, but still, through that, I told you something about my personality: I hate being limited to a certain time span, to a certain set of dreams, or to a certain or specific whatever. This is America people, where the possibilities are limitless! But let’s face it, cynicism had taken over the world, and the world is incredibly stubborn. But you know what else, there are people out there who are not so cynical, and many of us are currently in the progress of devising a plan to get rid of that hideous cynicism one by one.

I could have told you more about me, but again, the limit thing irks me, so maybe some other time.

Five minutes after discovering I was prohibited from using the above as my description, I had to go with the lame-duck one I have now, but whatever, because I still posted it as a blog, so I guess all I have to say is take that Blogger you…


Just Kidding. Don’t use bad words.

Unless you have to.

In conclusion, there is no escaping the profanity of bad words.

P.S: This blog will also be an outlet for my usage of “Big kid” words, AKA college level words, because I need start using more of those, because the world wants me to. By world I mean university and the workforce, or else they won’t like me too much.

The Past, and Now the Present, but I guess by the time you read it The Future

Good Lord. I officially began this blog back in 2011, and I also officially published blogs with titles and a few sentences, and once I got to at least the second sentence I’d be like, “Eh, I’ll finish it tomorrow”, and it’s 2014 now, and I guess I never finished those measly three entries. The topics were as follows”
1. The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time
2. OneRepublic-Secrets
3. Thura’s Diary

All these subjects were things that were raging in my head at the time, and were just a part of my brain at the time, but at the same time, I was a deadly procrastinator, so those inspired sittings in front of my laptop were limited to about 10 minutes.

But times have changed. 3 years have passed by, and instead, inspired sittings now last up to hours, but maybe that’s because I realized how time just runs out so quickly. When your a kid, time is probably the least most important thing on your mind, because once you start thinking about time, you start thinking about how it associates with life, and as the metaphor goes, you realize life is really a ticking time clock.

But that’s no way to live while your young and a kid.

The reason I say all this stuff about time, is because in 2011 I was too scared to face it, but in 2014, I’m forced to face it as I am willing to face it. I’m ready to tell people what I really think, because if humans are supposed to do anything, there supposed to think, and then say what they think. Isn’t that why we have a brain and a mouth and lips, and vocal cords.These vital organs have purpose people!

Anyways, I’m ready to handily and consistently use this blog, now, because more than ever, I want to start changing the world, like, right now. But of course the human being is limited to spring forth onto unlimited success, so I start with this blog, and perhaps, just perhaps, can start changing my own world, and then a few maybe one other person’s world, and then maybe the rest of the world. So I’ll start with this, and let’s see how it goes I guess.

Random but true statement of the day:
Out of the ten fingernails of my collective hands, one fingernail is approximately 2.5 cm’s longer than the other fingernail. It’s the black sheep of all my fingernails.