Facebook Friends

Okay. I’ll tell you the truth. Two days ago I had over 350 friends on Facebook, and shamefully, I could also tell you 3 years ago I was proud of that fact. Even acknowledging that fact pains me deep, pains me deep. But that’s just how it is when you’re growing up, you know.  

So when I first got my Facebook, I thought I needed tons and tons of friends, and I didn’t add or accept complete strangers of friends of course; but I thought if I added all the people who had Facebook that were in my classes(who I also barely new and were also basically to an extent strangers), I would be cool. This was in middle school, of which now seems like eons ago, therefore my brain was really at the height of the stupid stage. 
You see, my personality is not exactly equip for social interaction, and in some ways it still isn’t, unless I meet someone as awkward and geeky as me, then we can be best buds. But in middle school, all your insecure self wants is to be noticed, to have friends, to be liked. At the elementary level, you don’t care too much, but once you start middle school, that need for some form of a social life is unhealthily intense, and it’s sad. 
But then, things happen, and each person has their own “thing” that happens, (things happen refers to life happens) while going through the first deadly year of middle school, puberty, and insecurities. So. life continued, and things, moments, memories happened, and I got smarter, I got common sense. I guess you could say I was lucky to get it earlier than others, because even today, at my age, I still see in others that relentless need for popularity, and it’s really sad. 
But then I think about all the goals and things I have and plan to do in my life, and then I don’t really care about those people with a need for popularity, because 100% of the time, they suck. I could delve into the aspect of popularity and its effect in schools for hours, but back to this blogs connection with Facebook. 
Anyways, as I said before, when I first got a Facebook, the math in my head was, more online friends, more reality friends, more popularity. Stupid, stupid, stupid. So by the time I reached over at least 200 friends, I was like, “Mission accomplished”, but you see, Facebook has little to no effect to your social life in middle school, because if people don’t like talking to you in reality, it won’t make a difference how popular you seem to look on the internet. 
So when my brain started to grow up, and I realized the wastefulness of Facebook, and popularity, and worrying about other people’s thoughts, I didn’t care about the number of Facebook friends I had, because caring about that is ABSOLUTELY STUPID when there’s such greater things to give your care in this world. Don’t waste your “care” on Facebook.
See, Facebook puts all these people in a “Friends” category, but are they all really your friends? Most of them are just acquaintances, and most of them are probably strangers by now. There are some Facebook accounts that have up to thousands of friends. NO ONE has thousands of friends. Friends is a term that should be used with caution. You can say someone is a friend, but having a REAL friend is rare.
Today, I have 350 friends on my account, and now I have 199, and I’m still not done pressing the un-friend button.(Seriously, it takes way too long to unfriend people. I mean, I want them the freak out of my life NOW)
Anyways, what I’m trying to say here is, no one should ever care or worry about how many friends they have on Facebook, because that is one of the many epitomes of what defines stupidity. 98% of the people that were listed on my friends list weren’t my friends at all. Never were, never will be. 
I’ve had this thought in my brain for quite a while, and I felt the need to put it somewhere, but my notebook is too special to me to have to waste paper on such stupidity. So I release my thoughts on this heavenly blog, probably no none will read it anyways, so as I like to say, whatever. 
Random statement of the hour: 
The word “whatever” will always have a special place in my heart for its genius yet simple qualities in the English language. I might just dedicate an entire blog to the word one day.

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