SCIENCE FAAAAAaaaaiiiirrrr….why.

That time of year again, in which thousands of researchers drive up once again to their local state fairs with either a envios passion to rule the science streets, or an even deeper passion to get this shit over with.
I don’t mean any direct disrespect by calling state science fairs “shit”, but it is that the teenage mind gets incredibly tired and lazy, all the time. Our burst of energy can only last for so long, am I right? But to be honest, much of the time that’s mostly our fault for sleeping so inherently late.
By “our” of course I mean “me”.
Yeah, I’m that kind of person, if you haven’t assumed already. I do science fairs and win awards, but take into consideration this is my first time doing this, and that is due to the relentless urge of my parents to take science research as a class. So perhaps I am not that kind of person, the scienc-y, math, tech-y person. I am not, or have ever been, or ever will be that person. But I will tell you one thing. I am a person who cares about what I take on, and take responsibility for commitments. But I will also say I am the person who has short lapses of laziness, and they are deadly ladies and gentleman.
Anyways, back to how this relates to science fair… yeah, Im really lazy right now, just like I told you, I am having a mini lapse of laziness, but that is also because this is my third time doing daily presentations of my project, and right now, I don’t want to do that, but I cant give up, I just can’t, both by the force of the school board and the force of my conscious. I refuse to try my least, or my conscious refuses to try my least, and it is so annoying. Why can I not just be average. I wish I could CHOOSE to be, but my conscious and my brain and my will forbids that.
Tomorrow is presentation day, and I promise you, I will be staying up late going over everything I need to maintain composure give the best engineering presentation that I could possibly give.
Maybe one day Ill tell you what my project was.on, because the intent really makea me proud. There’s a story to this remorse behind my project, but that is top secret, as well as my project.
I am now at an opening ceremony that hasnt even started yet, but honestly, Im just waiting for the closing ceremony, but THANKFULLY, Im getting an early pick up, and dont have to go through the uncomfortable bus ride with some stranger kid back home.
Hmmm, I honestly don’t know what anyone can take out of my blogs. They are so pointless and bad. Sorry. I dont know, sometimes I just need/want to write, because it is nice. I like words, even though I may put them together so disastrously, but when there’s no people around- even if there’s people around, writing words is the worlds best source of communication.

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