The seven day record

So, It’s a 7 day record people, whoever you people are that don’t read my useless blog. SEVEN DAY RECORD? Record of what you ask? Of no blogging of course. C’mon, stay up to task here people. (I’ve said people way too much already)

SO anyways, seven days is prohibited my friends. I can’t have a 2011 flashblack. I forbid it. The aim of this blog is to write, if possible everyday, because it gives me a chance to hone practice my writing skills( Ew, did you see that? I used the word HONE… God, sometimes high level words sound so pretentious and lame).

I know that what I write is far from good. Lord, it’s far from bad. I don’t even know what it is, but I like putting my thoughts on technological paper, as well as solid 3D paper. So it’s important to me that I write something at a consistent rate.

I have a few things I want to write on. I’ll list them, but I can’t promise you I will actually write on them (I think I have explained my issues with writing before, right? It’s a complicated subject, but anyways)
-Wayne’s World movie review and my love for characters like Garth
-Anchorman 2 and Brick, Brick, BRICK
-Nat and Alex Wolff
-The Violin
-The Wierd Days
-Korean Rom-Coms Bro. I can’t help myself

I think I had more things in mind, but I can’t really think of them. Unfortunately, life is getting really, unlawfully busy, and struggles are ahead, but I will TAKE HEED! I don’t know what I just said, or wrote, or typed in this case.


I’ll write more, and about more meaningful, informational things, but always expect random brain thoughts.
Anyways, this blog was really mainly going to be about never again not writing a blog for more than seven days. And I have a GIF to express my feelings. I hope you know where it originates from, because it’s origination is Aweeeeeeeesooooooome.

Refers to another seven day vacant blog record.


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