Thoughts on Holidays…even the measly ones; oh, and writing competitions too

Tomorrow, I go to the Florida Scholastic Press Association Convention, otherwise in simpler terms known as, a FL student journalist convention! Yay!

Wait, let’s take a break. I’ll be back in 20 minutes, but you won’t really know that because you can’t see me… Ummm, okay, whatever. I’m being forced to clean my room after delaying for too long. Will come back.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m sorry, but this is officially a FAILED INCOMPLETE, again, FAILED BLOG. Why, because the rushed feeling of packing up the day before a journalist convention, and the constant direct questions of what clothes I’m going to take, or what perfume I’m gonna take, and the increasingly irritating sound of Beyonce’s If I Were A Boy in the background that my sister refuses to stop singing….

The continuation of my previous thoughts on holidays and my worries and excitement for writing competitions is over now, because I don’t remember them after an experience of anxious haste and irritation all due to putting clothing into a suitcase.

SO, to calm me down, here are my choices:

1. Watch Family Ties
2. Write some more/blog some more about crap or whatever
3. Think about good elementary school moments
4. I would watch VGHS (Video Game High School, one of the best TV shows ever) but sadly I finished Season 2 today, and it made me sad, even though the show is freaking hilarious, I now have to wait months for Season 3
5. I don’t know
6. What is life…no no, I’m kidding were not gonna do that. I’m kidding people, calm your judgement down

Exciting things to come and blog about……I love the silence those extended dots (…..) create that I can’t recall the name of right now. Anyways:

-Pretty sure the stars of The Fault In Our Stars are coming to Florida, because FL basically number 1 in the Demand TFIOS tumblr contest, and I’m specifically losing my mind over the possibility of meeting Nat Wolff, John Green will be such an overwhelming treat too, You know what, Ansel and Shailene will be tremendous treats as well. It’ll be awesome
-Starting up my own offbeat (I may have mentioned this already) community magazine

I can’t think of other things exciting me right now… so for now, —ELIPSES, that’s what these …. are called; anyways— …so for now, I leave you with this:

Two Door Cinema Club- What You Know


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