Phoenix (the band) is awesome, and just because of a EW interview…

So, I just finished reading this article on this French band Phoenix, and guys, I’ve had this Entertainment magazine since, I don’t know, April 2013, and I’ve never bothered to read this interview Ray Rahman, I’m assuming a contributing write to the magazine, had with this band. And the pictures always look ed so cool, and…. yeah, up till a few minutes ago all I could say is the pictures of the band looked cool.

And that’s just not cool. I really felt like reading something; something new, so I did. And I may have just found one of my favorite, or perhaps awesomest quotes of ALL TIME PEOPLE, regarding music at least.

So this is what they said:

“We’ve never been impressed by instrumentalists. Songs, ideas-yes.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Phoenix.

So when I read that, I really had to stop, because it kind of refutes so much of what I think, and so much of what I want to think.
I play the violin guys, if you didn’t know that already, and as the years have gone by, technically a limited 4 and a half years, the violin to me has become so much less of an object and more of a…feeling, I guess, as cheesy as it sounds. The violin itself is a feeling, and when I look at it, and play it, that how I see it now. And it’s awesome, what I can do and create with this feeling (violin) with my own bare hands and body. 
But then there’s that distracting interruption of reality, and people, and the future, and then, sometimes the violin becomes a competition among kids, or teenagers I guess, in my school, and over the state, and I don’t like that. 
So how the quote relates with playing violin? Well, the violin, I won’t say it’s an easy instrument, it’s just hard to control sometimes, for me, and as much as I love the music that I play with my violin, it gets hard to play really complicated music that I want to play and sounds really nice. I’m not at that level yet, to play extremely hard, or even what some may call complicated music- but see, here’s the problem already: Why call the music hard, or complicated, or easy, or describe it in any manner of difficulty, you know? In the end it’s all music, it’s all feeling. 
It’s not that hard to feel people, and feeling, and ideas, and sound is what music is. 
So I really appreciate what Phoenix said in the interview. I can’t say I won’t be impressed by instrumentalists ever again, because sometimes watching what some musicians can do with music is insane. But I just don’t think it’s what will or already impresses me the most. But Songs, ideas-yes. 
And that’s all there is to it. 

By the way, as I was writing this, I decided to hear Wolfgang Amadeus, I think Phoenix’s 4th or fifth album, and it’s awesome. Really. They have the songs, they have the ideas; and it’s more than impressive. It’s good music. Really good.

Okay, I’m done for today. Bye.


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