When you need to Write a Blog…Because You Need to

Wow, my title sounds really needy.

If you watch The 70’s Show, I’m pretty sure there’s a reference to Fez’s neediness.
Anyways, let’s pass the bad jokes or puns, or whatever I did above. So, I’m in the, or was in the, beginning stages of stressing out. I need to practice violin today, but it’s already 11 PM. I’m gonna do it anyways, but I need to write a blog to relieve the stress. 
I have a lot on my plate coming up this week, and most of it revolves around U.S History, because my AP exam for that class is May 14th, so stress is surmounting, and I have a limited amount of time to DO things before school ends. Do things that I want to do, NOT involving school, we’ll kind of not and kind of yes. 
I also want to watch a lot of movies. For this week, I accomplished a decent amount of movies, and good ones. Seriously, it was a good weekend. So I think I’ll list them. 
First up: 
Hairbrained. This one was funny, and it was the first movie I have seen with Alex Wolff (who I love) as the lead, and he was just awesome, and awkward, and of course, genius, since he does play a genius in the movie. I’ll write more on it another day, and a review I found on the internet about it that I strongly disagree with.
13 Going on 30: I’ve seen this movie so many times; but that was when I was a lot younger. So watching it now is a lot sadder, and of course, I know more. It’s actually one of my favorite movies, ever. You may think that’s stupid, but if you don’t think it’s a great movie, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. And Jennifer Gardner and Mark Ruffalo are awesome people!
The last one I’ll list for today, since I have a duty to my violin, is: 
The Book Thief: This movie was pretty freaking great. I have so much respect for this story. I really need to read the book….or shall I say steal it-no- “borrow” it, as Liesel puts it. I WILL write a review on this movie. I’m almost sure I will buy it. Anyways, here’s a picture.
That’s it for today folks. See ya. 

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