Stand-Up Comedy

So my friends, I am in orchestra.

Now the sudden change in topic. BOOM.

So, what if I wanted to be a comedian? Strange thing is, I’m not really known for being funny, at all, so the fact that I would even consider a life as a stand up comedian is strange and far off to me-no, it’s stupid, but I do make people laugh.. .sometimes…a low sometimes, but still, sometimes.

Lately I’ve been watching some stand up comedy from Aziz Ansari, Louis C.K, Bo Burnham, and I’ve realized one essential aspect of all these comedians. They’re super relate-able, in the aspects of our lives that we don’t really think about or like to think about that much, because it’s just weeeeiiird- to some people, but these people make it FREAKING HILARIOUS.
Bold topics ranging from vagina, or penis, or extreme profanity involving bad words, life, babies, children, stupidity, intelligence, relationships, history, math, science, politics, horrible people, awesome people, George Bush, A bush (I talking about the herb-or plant I guess) animals, eyes, teeth, eating habits, Rosie the Riveter, growing up, being old and pruny, raisins, everything!
It’s weird. We don’t really, as conversational human beings, tend to have conversations about raisins or their significance in our life, but comedians can take an object as simple as a raisin and turn it into a comedic masterpiece, because how CAN’T a raisin not be hilarious. I mean, it’s a raisin. They’re an official disgrace to humanity. Seriously, they should be on the American Black List.

Anyways, I guess what-or who inspired this little surge in a stand-up comedy is B.J Novak, a writer/actor from “the office” (I left the office NOT capitalized because that’s how it should be people-lowercase “t” and lowercase “o”.)

So B.J Novak went on Ellen for his new book of short stories, called One More Thing. , and in the interview he also talked about his early days as a stand-up, and the profusely overwhelming number of times he completely bombed, in which he even had to have help from the audience, but even then, no laughter.

So that’s when I decided I wanted to try it of course.

I know it’s weird. His A-bomb of a bomb as a stand-up in his earlier days is my inspiration to try this terrifying thing one day, but look at where Novak is now. He was an actor and more importantly WRITER in one of the funniest shows in history hands down; and from his beginnings as a bombing comedian, that’s freaking amazing.

I mean, it’s inspiring. He said himself that you can’t get any better at comedy if you don’t bomb first, and learn from the embarrassment and your comedic mistakes in front of an entire crowd.

First-hand learning experience. That’s how you learn my friends, no matter the humiliation: it’s exactly the thing that makes you become something greater and better than everyone. Humiliation and Embarrassment.


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