I’m so excited for Air! and the Scarlet Letter (that’s a shocker)

It’s actually kind of crazy but I’m somewhat starting to get my shit together, at least 25% of it, and that’s honestly a record.
(I mean, who can ever get 100% of their shit together. It’s near impossible…or is it? It is, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.)

So exams are coming up soon, as well as the dreaded Chemistry Exam consisting if 160 blessed questions. (This is clear sarcasm my friends.) But explicating the truth here, I’m staring to actually find some feeling of organization and validity of knowledge. I’m pointing at words in my chemistry textbook indicating my recognition of the subject, or in other words, “Hey, I actually know some of this crap if I really think about it”, or at least I know how I can figure it out eventually. And then there’s Pre-Calculus! Here’s the thing about that subject. You either freaking love it, or it just frustrates the core of your very nerves. (In contrast Chemistry does that 24/7). I love the feeling I get when I get an answer right after spending such valuable time on this problem that has a formula that I know will have a solution in the end. It’s the one aspect of life I can always be assured on, and it’s exceptionally comforting knowing that at least one thing in my life is for sure. And then when you can’t find the answer, and you know you’ve followed all the rules, but then realize perhaps you don’t understand the rules, and if you don’t understand the rules, you can never get an answer. Incredible how symbolic a nature Calculus and math overall can be to life.

(I’m also trying to use higher level diction because tomorrow I have to write an essay on the Scarlet Letter and I really think I could get an A on this one. SO, prepare yourself for one pretentious blog post.)

I also think I’m feeling at a cerebral advantage currently as a positive effect of the music I’m listening to right now. It’s (back to my comfortable self noooow. YES.) FREAKING nice and amazing. The reason I add in nice is because it’s such simple, mellow, weird music, and I honestly could listen to it for the rest of my life. And you guessed it, or maybe probably didn’t, but it’s by a band named Air.

Here a link, if you’re interesting, because you should be:

Basically, if you name a band Air, you know it’s essential to our life productivity, so they’re basically telling us listen to this music or die. True fact. Just kidding, but again, it’s worth listening to. Really worth listening to. (English teachers don’t like the word really. Mrs. Diction (pseudonym for my actual English teacher, because she’s obsessed with power verbs) would be disappointed in abundant concrete measures with my poor use of wording, neglecting the beauty of such majestic power verbs.

(Probably messed up some grammar somewhere there too.)

Anyways, my essay tomorrow is on The Scarlet Letter, and although I didn’t actually read the entire book, I got some aid from the amazing Schmoop website-a much better adversary of Sparknotes in fact- and through Schmoop I learned so much more about how much of an amazing book this really is. Seriously, I respect it a lot more now that I actually know what it’s talking about, and I just like what it has to say and what it has to teach. These are topics as teenagers that we are preparing ourselves to face in the future, such as redemption, love vs. evil, religion, justice, injustice, judgement, restrictions; and although we face some of these subjects to some extent now, when we’re adults, I feel like these themes are going to reach entirely new levels that we’re going to have to face.

And Hester Prynne is actually pretty cool, and so is her Scarlet Letter, and so is Pearl, and Dimmesdale, and Chillingworth, because as people, they just represent such a vast range of themes and topics it’s insane. I’ve decided I’ll give the book another try over the summer. I mean, it can only benefit me, after all, it’s basically a walking dictionary of especially higher level diction. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite book, but it definitely makes me think, and when a book makes you think, but then again more importantly feel, it’s a good thing. A really good thing (Ha.)


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