Why I love the word Freaking

I love the word Freaking. More than any other word on the planet, and knowing just how much of a bold statement and insult that is to the English dictionary, I best be ready to back this statement up with some freaking amazing reasons, or as any professional English teacher would say, valid arguments.

You see, the word freaking, or as I more accurately voice it, “freakin'”, is at its core a replacement for the word F-U-C-K. It’s a lee way into merging into a growing teenage/adulthood world while still maintaining some sense of innocence. The day that I actually say the actual F-word consistently instead of saying freaking consistently, is the day that the easygoing kid within me dies, and trust me, that’s just never going to happen.

Don’t get me wrong. I say the abominable F-word sometimes, a little sometimes, and I feel way too harsh saying it, depending on the situation. Or in other words, like an intense Voldemort, but then again Voldy is always intense. BUT, at the same time it gives me such a rush of rebellious nature that kind of overwhelms me in a way no other word does, and I like it. But using the F-Word with every other word I say defies the entirety of the English language and kind of feels like machine gun bullets after bullet shooting at me with too much unnecessary tyrannical word power and too much cynicism in one sitting. SERIOUSLY, at some point I just have to walk away because the idea of the F-Word, and the history that this F-Word has crawling behind it is just too much for me too handle. Too much of its usage results in the loss of its powerful quality.

I mean, both Freaking and the F-Word can give off a sense of AWESOME, but savor that awesomeness, because every time you use a word there’s a quality behind it, a power, a meaning. Don’t use these words without the power they deserve, because then they just become another word, and that’s not good.
Look here:

the office is freaking awesome. History is fucking awesome. HECK YEAH.

See, there’s a sense of power there. It’s like, BAM. You really know those two things are really, REALLY AWESOME.

But THEN, there is the magic that the word Freaking gives us, that the F-word will just not be able to give us—ever:

And simply put, it’s the magic of innocence. I know it sounds lame, but it’s true. When I say freaking, I feel almost defiantly liberated from the moral limits of a kid, while keeping a fair distance from that horrible thing called adulthood. So basically, it’s a teenager stage word. It’s not super intense, but it’s not weak either.

And it is just freaking amazing.

Just figured out the stages regarding this word:

1. Childhood years: “What the heck?”
2. Teenage years: “What the freak?”
3. Adulthood: “What the fuck?”

Of course, option 3 and 2 always, ALWAYS, cross each other, and it always will. I don’t think I can no longer prevent myself from ever saying the F-word when I’m extremely frustrated or intense. I can just prevent from saying it ALL THE TIME. I don’t understand how people say it constantly.

I guess the word freaking is kind of like preparation for the future, you know? When I think about it, it makes me sad that at my age I can willingly say the F-word because it means I’m growing up, and I hate growing up, even though I love it.

In a way, “Freaking” is like my safety valve from shying away from the world of innocence, or ignoring the creeping aspect of the grown up world. It makes me feel young; a rushing feeling of overall awesome, because it’s such a freaking awesome word to say.

Weird how much love I have for this word. I mean, I still say “What the heck!” all the time too. And it still totally give off strong vibes, when said right, and most importantly, when said awesomely.

You can probably tell I’ve been saying freaking a lot these days, but honestly I say all day everyday, because as my title states, I love this freaking word.

Random Statement of the Day: Fuck Chemistry. (The F-Word is valid in this statement because my intense hatred matches the F-Word intensity. “Freaking” is too good of a word to even be used among the atrocity that is chemistry anyways.)


adjective & adverb

  1. used for emphasis or to express anger, annoyance, contempt, or surprise.
    “I’m going out of my freaking mind!”





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