I Attempted…ATTEMPTED to write an X-Men Days of Future Past review

Yeah, so I attempted to write an X-Men Days of Future Past review, and it totally sucked. TOTALLY SUCKED. Good lord, I hate writing movie reviews the way they’re supposed to be written. I mean, you’re required to give a lenghty, critical background on the story when honestly sometimes I may not remember all of it. Seriously, sometimes I don’t even remember the names of characters in the movie.

But what I do remember is what a movie made me feel, and what parts of the movie made me feel that way or think in a way I’ve never thought of, or freaking inspired me, or made me laugh cry, etc.

That’s probably one of the worst things/aspects about writing movie review. You gotta tell the people the technical aspects of it (I mean, come on, there’s trailer’s for that, am I right?) and sometimes you are expected to go into extreme detail about certain negative points in the movie, or the good or bad way a scene was shot or whatever.

I mean, what happened to what watching a film really meant guys?

Films are meant to make you feel something, think something, create something. And there they are, those malignant, strict, movie critics focusing too much on the logistic negatives instead of actually letting themselves enjoy a film for what it is. Let the movie make you feel something, even if it’s a terrible movie, you’ll feel something and you’ll learn something and think something.

Don’t get me wrong. I respect film critics, a lot. Roger Ebert people: enough said. But I wish movie reviews could just stop being so structured, and instead become a type of writing that can move people, that can really convince them that a certain movie is worth watching, is worth learning something from, is worth making you feel something, and other movies not so worth it and more like a waste of your time.

I want to know about how insane a character made you feel, or how you related to them, and how millions more all over the world could relate to them. I want to know what I can learn and what new ways I could think or view the world in watching this movie. Movies are single-handedly one of the most precious subjects for human connection and feeling. And in the end, those are exactly the types of things we need to be writing about in movie reviews, because that is what a movie, at its core, is mean to give to us humans.

So let’s stop being so technical about it. Just watch the movie, let yourself enjoy it or not enjoy it, but when writing a movie review, tell us what we can gain from it as growing human beings. Laughter, a point of view, an inspiration, whatever.

One last thing. Movies are freakin’ amazing, expect when they’re not and when they are terrible and fill an unnecessary void in this world, such as these ones in the link below:


I honestly hope to god for your human sake you haven’t watched these movies or will watch them again. 

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