The Perfection Of Humans

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Well, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and I guess now I have something to say about it.

So, you know that floating worldwide phrase that everyone is aware of, that is constantly in the back of everyone’s mind?

You know, that “nobody’s perfect.”

I mean, it must be legit, yes? Hannah Montana made a song about it people, and nobody can contradict that wisdom. (Please understand my sarcasm.)

Well, I disagree with that phrase, or ideal, or whatever it is.

I seriously believe that every human being on this planet is absolute perfection.

This blog post is not an entry of optimism or encouragement or “Life is good” type of stuff. So don’t expect to learn an uplifting life lesson here, because that’s just not going to happen.

So why, you ask, is every single human being on this planet undeniably perfect?

Throughout history, the human race as a whole has slowly surmounted in creating this definition or portrayal of the overall human. The way humans think, act, proceed, eat, feel, and the other diverse plethora of shit humans are capable of that is way too long to actually list. For the past few centuries initiated at the origin of the human race, we have unintentionally defined humans with the leaders, terrorists, fascists, storytellers, philosophers, warriors, and weaklings of our history. Basically an entirety of flaws and prosperity. Through the likes of Hillary Clinton, John F. Kennedy, George Washington, Gandhi, Henry David Thoreau, Aristotle, the billions of criminals, the billions of storytellers, the billions of artists and engineers and discriminators and racists.

It’s a history that has defined the human race as a whole. Flawed. I mean, Kennedy said some great things, but was also a cheater. President Wilson was super racist. Gandhi was known for being way too vicious towards people, directly telling them that he did not “mind or care” if them or their families died. George Washington hated intermixing with the lower class and had an extremely bad temper. He even asked to change the limited 39 lashes for punishment to 500. I mean, you’re never told of these sides of these famously praised human beings. Why? It’s part of the human nature, and the human definition. Flawed. These people did so many great things for our nation, for our entire world, but in the end, they were human beings. And where there is a human, there is a flaw.

And ultimately, the fact that each and every one of us has some type of insecurity or evil, or impatience that make up our human faults, makes human’s perfect. If a human had absolutely no flaws, they wouldn’t be human, you know?

Here is the actual definition of perfect:

  1. 1.
    having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.
    “she strove to be the perfect wife”
  2. 2.
    absolute; complete (used for emphasis).
So the fact of the matter is, flaws, the bad things that human beings do, are part of our humanity. Our flaws complete a perfect human, because if you are an actual human being, you have flaws. There’s no other way around it. A flawed human is a perfect human, cause that is just how we’re made out to be guys. Like the above definition describes, flaws are the required elements or characteristics that make up a human. 

So never believe you are not perfect, even if you’re the worst person in the world, because in the end you are part of the human race making human history. Say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, do the right thing. You are a human being that thinks, that feels, that cries, yells, laughs, makes mistakes, and everything else. 

I know this whole thing is incredibly contradicting, because an exact synonym for flaw is imperfection, but history itself has showed us what the human being is or not is. I don’t mean to define you as an individual, because that’s impossible and that is something only you have the right to figure out. I’m talking about the overall human depiction. 

But do keep in mind that the best of humans are preferable in this world, but remember they have their flaws too, and we already know what flaws mean, because I’ve repeated it so many times it is now incredibly redundant. 

Oh, and I’m perfect, and so are you. Wow that’s really cheesy, but you know what I mean. 

*Added later*- I do have to say though, if someone were to ask me a question like, “So you’re saying horrible people like terrorists are perfect?”, I would hate more than anything to say yes to that question, but they’re part of the culminating aspect of what makes up our both terrible and amazing human race. Even so, I have my limits. They’re not perfect at all and they are fucking terrible. But I guess technically, the fact that they are so terrible makes them human, you know? Understand that the human race is a terrible and amazing group of beings, and essentially that terribleness and that greatness is what makes the human definition, and therefore, the human, a perfect human. 


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