The Jitters..the chills

You know when those sites, that primarily focus on Entertainment and are created with terrible graphics attempting to look professional, but never will and basically run on the worst ad’s ever?

Yeah, well, I went on one today, and I was disgusted. DISGUSTED, and I feel the need to talk about it or else I’ll have the chills the rest of my life it was that bad.

So a lot of the times they have health adds about some unrealistic, fake infection or disease one may have and they have the key to solving all your problems with some revolutionary pill or whatever…and to finish all that bullshit crap, they put the gory, atrocious picture of the infection or disease just to ruin people’s lives.

If I had just not accidentally scrolled down one little inch, my life would be so much brighter now, but no, I had to see…what I had to see.

Now my face has chills everywhere and I’m kind of itchy in my arms and face, and I’m sold.

Side effects of unnecessary ad atrocities, you know?

I’m sorry if I brought back old memories of some of the worst things you’ve ever seen in your life due to ad’s, but I thought writing this would make me feel more human again, but I think I may be scarred for life.

My advice to you. Never, NEVER look at the ad’s at the bottom of an article that is part of a cheap, gossip, unprofessional looking website.

I feel like throwing up. I think I may even have to talk to my parents about this. (I’m kind of joking and kind of being serious at the same time).

So I think I’m going to write a little more and then practice violin. Yep, that’s good.


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