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TCWT: Characters, Characters, Characters…


Okay, let me be honest here. Every time I watch a movie/TV show or read a book, somehow the main character dwarfs itself into some part of my personality. But I actually think that’s a pretty valid thing to say though, right? I mean, every time I encounter a new story and it’s characters it becomes a part of my brain, changing in even the tiniest of way I make jokes, how I talk, think, see, look, because when you meet a new character through whatever form of medium (that includes in real life…real human beings are characters too living their own story/book). For example, every time I watch Star Wars, I make a number of attempts at Chewbacca’s groans/yells, because they’re rad. But I also go a tad bit more hippie than usual, or a tad bit more pretentious than one can stand, or nicer, funnier, wittier, stupider, wickeder; but I always find that within the hour I’m back to my old self again, and it feels nice. But I never forget those characters, at least the characters that really made a positive influential impact on me. Like Voldemort…..I’m kidding. 

Anyways, there are characters that I can’t help but marvel at because they are so similar to my strange, strange brain, at least in some ways. 

Okay, seriously this time, let’s begin:

1. Kevin Arnold (the kid in the middle) -The Wonder Years

Watching this show, I was basically watching my teenage life pan out in front of me, but in this instance, through the eyes of a male teenage boy called Kevin Arnold; the show is actually narrated by an older future Kevin Arnold. Although, as I watched this show, I couldn’t help but be amazed at how similar the confusing, mind-blowing, contradicting thoughts both Kevin and I had. We’re both really lost, we both have experienced liking another human being, which is the worst, we both have this problem with indecision and not knowing what to do or say, and are just a plain mixed bowl of confusion and mediocrity. But he honestly taught me how to be a better person, because Kevin Arnold was kind of a butt; even though he always knew what was right, the thing is most of the time he did went with the humanely right decision, and then sometimes he just did the wrong thing. The stupid, mean, wrong decision: falling into peer pressure, and as much as we don’t like to admit it, most of us do. Kevin and I have a few differences, for example I’m not as much of a a-hole, I’m not as popular, I’m more quiet, less bold, weirder, wackier, but were both really passionate; we both hold a lot inside of our hearts and minds that were too afraid to say, we both marvel at the concept of love, like our parents, our brothers and sisters. We think about their pain,how we’re making them happy, or making them sad. We’re selfish, but we realize it and feel really bad, and hopefully, fix it. Kevin showed me that we really are a douchey teenage human race, but we can also be really kind, and empathetic, and powerful. I can relate a lot to Paul Pffeifer too, his stereotypical nerdy and ambitious best friend. Unlike Kevin, Paul is really ambitious and hard working, not dreaming, but knowing that he wants to change the world, as scary as that is. The thing about these characters is that they change a lot through their teenage years. I mean, the show shows us Kevin Arnold, Paul Pffeifer and Winnie Cooper from 7th grade to the end of 11th grade. Sometimes there sluts, sometimes they’re really smart, sometimes they’re sad or happy, or just really bold. They’re completely different people by the end of it, who went through exactly what I’m going through, my own “Wonder Years”.


(Sorry, that was too necessarily long, but I couldn’t help it. I have so much more to say about this show. Too much)

2. Olivia Whitehead- Lemonade Mouth

I would say I’m most like Olivia than any other character on this list, mainly because she’s one of the only extremely shy, scared, weird/awkward female characters I have ever met in a story, and I really love her. I’m definitely not as kind as her, even though I wish I could be, but we’re both really shy people socially, we both love writing and music, and we are pretty awkward human beings, and yeah, maybe our voices/hands tremble a bit whenever we have to public performances/presentation in front of people that are judging you, because they are. I haven’t read this book in a while so I hope I’m getting her character right….

Lemonade MOuth

3. TINA BELCHER-Bob’s Burger’s

I think Tina is my brain. Seriously. And also every inner teenage girl that tries to stupidly hide their Tina away, because Tina is female Jesus. Everyone needs to know Tina, because if not, you just need to know. I wish I was more like Tina.

tina yes    tina2

Other really possible contenders that I’ll just list because this blog is getting too long: 

1. Julia-The Age of Miracles

2. Ted Mosby/Robin Scherbatsky-How I Met Your Mother (It’s a mix in between)

3. Me-The Weirdy Station (We’re basically the same person…)

OK. I’m done. This one was a really fun topic. Mostly because I got to put a Tina Belcher GIF in my blog, but mainly because TCWT’s topics are always pretty interesting. 

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These Movie Soundtracks are the flat out best. For real.

School has begun yet again…another year of battle, carpe diem, and strength and honor quotes, but all that is for another day. Study time is continuing to surmount, painfully, and this these soundtracks are both my way of keeping me sane trying to understand what is an incomprehensible Physics. 

Listen to all the Volumes. They are absolutely insanely beautiful and awesome.
Time-Inception will never stop being genius.

Cinema Paradiso will never stop being freshly sweet and warm.

The Truman Show will never stop being legendary.

And Schindler’s List? It’s Itzhak Perlman caressing the violin. Of course it’s incredible.  

By the way, click on Playlist to get to all the videos. I actually did not know to do that…The important thing is I figured it out eventually. Eventually. 

The Theme Song Series Vol.1

I contemplated deciding to make a series of my favorite theme songs from television shows, movies, video games in a span of five seconds and have decided to do it. It’s going to be freaking amazing. 

Today’s theme song:

(Mental Drum roll please….GIVE ME A DRUM ROLL NOW.)

Reasons for it’s awesomeness: It’s a pretty great song to jam to. Just dance and jam out all day long, no matter how lame the word jam sounds, it’s the perfect way to describe the effect of this song. Regina Spektor also has an pleasantly sooth and sweet voice. 

I wake up to this every morning now ever since my mother started watching Orange is the New Black obsessively of course. Who to blame? Netflix…obviously. Always blame Netflix, because it’s always Netflix’s fault. Not your own procrastination, it’s Netflix…

The lies that I tell myself… sigh.

Realizing What Robin Williams Meant To Me

You know, when my dad told me that Robin Williams had died, I could feel this sudden bang hit the gut of my heart as soon as my ears took in those words…and the one thing I could think of was, well…


I had never really been an avid fan of Robin Williams. Never really took a time to appreciate his skill, or watch many of his films, so I asked myself, why did I feel such a heavy pang as soon as I heard the news?

And I then suddenly I could just feel it. What even a few of his characters and films had been to my life. The memory of an impact he had made on my life in the mere seconds of a single scene, no matter the film or the story.  I remembered the feeling of naturalness and sincerity watching Williams create a scene, a scene that all of a sudden became something so real. So not…a scene anymore. It was just this power that he naturally contained within him that radiated off to human in the audience watching him.

And that’s why I felt that pang of surprising overwhelming sadness. I could feel that naturalness of power he gave to me in the few roles I watched him create on the screen, and I realized that he wouldn’t be able to do that anymore, and it hurt. 

Sometimes, when an actor, musician, leader, or writer that I know of dies, I wonder why it comes as such a shock, or pang of sadness. These are people I don’t even personally know, or met. But when I start to think about it, I realize what they added to my life. An impact, a feeling, laughter, happiness, inspiration that they gave to me, and knowing that I could never find some way to thank them for what they added to my life. It’s what I remember feeling when I realized Cory Montieth had died, or when Micheal Jackson had died. Or how I feel when I listen to the music George Harrison and John Lennon created for this world.

All these famous people. People I haven’t even met or people who don’t even know I exist. I wondered why they mattered to me. And it was because they each gave me something insanely precious to my life that made an impact. 

I remember watching parts of The Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, Jumanji, Aladdin…I remember his voice, his eyes, his smile of warmth, his natural human expression. I realize that what he gave me is incomparable to what he has given millions of people over the world, but it’s important to me to find some form to thank him for the treasured moments he did give me. Seriously Robin Williams, thank you. 

dead poet's society

It’s a crazy thing…what other humans can give to others, without even knowing each other. 

Something Hillary Clinton said Reworded

“Even when we are tired and all we want to do is go away by ourselves to a secluded place and rest awhile,” Clinton said, “even then, especially then, let’s make it happen.”


In other words:


(I was going to make this an entire, somewhat insightful entry, but I literally intended to write this 3 months ago, and that never happened, but I’m also trying to get rid of all the drafts I have for blog posts.)

I will say one thing though.

Hillary Clinton, again, really is just saying to ‘just do it’. You know, just make something. Create something. Change something. But in much wiser and intellectual words. I mean, she is Hillary Clinton. Basically the God of feminism, mainly because most people only know her as one of the most hardworking women in politics and history, but there’s a lot of other awesome, inspiring women out there, you know? Wait, I gotta stop. My indulgence into feminism is to be saved for another day.

Anyways…I always remember Nike’s logo whenever I get really down, or get into an immense stage of procrastination due to fear of failure, because that’s basically what procrastination is. To withhold doing anything for fear of failure. You get used to it. At least I got used it. I accept my pathetic procrastination, then move on and try again, and like Sir Nike says: Just Do It. Just accomplish something, one by one. A story. A blog entry. An SAT practice test. Reading a book. Practicing violin. I get up, stop the intoxicating machine that is Netflix, and just do something valuable.

And then other times…I continue watching Netflix. But then I try again the next day. That’s all you can do, right?

I mean, you don’t fail until you die.

That’s my main mantra right there. Yep.

Random thought of the day: Did Nike ever think about other ways people could decipher their logo? I mean, seriously. Sure, it’s still a good quote to live by, but in the right situations…you know what I’m saying? Yep.