A George Harrison Day…No. A Music Day, Because George Harrison is Music.

“He had a beautiful heartbeat.”



Somehow, I can’t find myself in a situation anymore where I’m not thinking about George Harrison, or The Beatles overall for that matter, but mostly George.

There are days, where I just barely wake up in the morning, and their it is. The Sound of Music ringing throughout my head as I stare up at the crusty white ceiling above, relishing the newness of my bed covers, the tiniest rays of sunshine sneaking in through the cracks in my window blinds. It’s John Lennon’s waning voice singing to a woman named Prudence, Paul McCartney’s natural musical presence and soulful bass parts, Ringo’s wicked beats and rhythms (actually, during the Dear Prudence recording, Ringo left the band for a bit, so Paul had to cover for him, but Ringo Starr always has wicked beats no matter what) and George Harrison’s…George Harrison’s lasting and memorable guitar playing, each note resonating clearly to every admiring, careful listener.

And it just goes peacefully on, and on, and on…until your mom comes blasting in and tells you to wake up, it’s already ten in the morning and you’ve wasted half of the freaking day already…at least in some cases.

But the feeling is unforgettable, you know? Why? Because it’s the beatles. Why? Because it’s George Harrison. Why? Because it’s music.

I’m not saying George Harrison is my favorite Beatles member, except that’s exactly what I’m saying.

(Well, at least most of the time. And then the rest of the time I breathe I just can’t decide.)


But today especially, was a George Harrison day. And then it just quickly became into a Harrison’s fiesta, or should I say meeting of the souls (you know, since George Harrison was super spiritually Buddhist and soulful and wise, and awesomely so I may add).

I started to look up George Harrison first, and you can’t do that without discovering Dhani Harrison, his one and only son and kid. Well, isn’t exactly a kid anymore. Actually, he’s 36, so fairly far out from kid range I suspect. I knew about Dhani already from my many splurges of relentless Beatles coverage throughout the internet. (I took one day of my life, possibly two, to find out everything I could about the Beatles, and I’m proud to be able to say that) And every time that I look at Dhani Harrison’s face, I can’t help but be mind blown, as every one else in the world should be, at the near replica of resemblance between father and son.

Because it’s just flat out mind-blowing. PROOF:
dhani and george twoCurrent State: Mind-Blown.

Yeah, so it just never fails to amaze me. But until today, I never took it upon myself to listen to Dhani’s music. I never knew that he had mad so much of it, and a great awesome much of it. I mean, I even knew that he married this former Icelandic model, but I never thought to listen to his music. That’s just sad.

But today, I finally discovered what a great mind and person Dhani seems to be. You can feel George Harrison’s presence and influence and feeling in Dhani’s words and music, and I don’t even know the guy, but watching Dhani Harrison’s interviews, reading some of the great things he has to say about his father and his life is insane. But the amazing thing about Dhani is how much of an own person he is. It’s not George Harrison’s son playing the guitar, making music; it’s Dhani Harrison playing that guitar, with his own heartbeat, making his own music. I mean, how is it possible to have so much respect for someone in just under an hour?

I started by seeing some YouTube videos of Dhani Harrison and Jeff Lynne talking about George Harrison’s last album, and about George overall, but also talking about putting the finishing touches on Brainwashed(title of the George’s last album).

And then I read this article from 2012 that Dhani had with the Daily mail, and that’s when I pretty much declared my love for this human being.

I won’t explain it to you because I’ll probably ruin it by explaining it, but here’s the link to this awesomely insane article that everyone should read, at least every Beatles fan:


And then after reading that article and being mind-blown, I went on YouTube again and blessedly stumbled upon Dhani Harrison’s band thenewno2 (there’s an great reason for that band name, BTW)

And now, thenewno2, are part of my long list of life obsessions forever…


But speaking aside from the fan-girl within, I really love this band, just by hearing a few of there songs. I don’t understand why they don’t get more praise or recognition because they are FREAKING AMAZING.

Here’s Shelter, the origin of my love for this band and respect for Dhani Harrison.

So yeah, it’s been a good past few hours among this Harrison meeting of the minds/souls.

Music is really great you know? And a big part of that in my life is The Beatles. And now add to that Dhani Harrison.



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