The Best T.V Shows Ever -Or at Least My Favorite TV Shows Part 1

I wanted to make this list, like, a long time ago, but, like, things happened and I was lazy, and yeah.
(I’m so sorry for putting you through that sentence…but I really wanted to write a really bad sentence, and create a realistic depiction of some of my former classmates with uncontrollable usage of the word “like”).

SO, now for the BEST TV SHOWS EVER (in my opinion, which you may or may not care about, probably may not). Also, don’t expect too much from my descriptions of them: just expect the word “awesome” a lot.

Numero 1:

BAM. I just hit you with some Grade A, best in history, quality comedy, and don’t you even dare deny this show of it’s genius both morally and comically. Experiencing this in a span of 6 months, courtesy to Netflix, gave me some of the most heartwarming, comedic, loving, needy, psychotic scenes in my entire life. I am eternally grateful, and in debt to this revolutionary story of not only a group of workers in the office, but a family in the office. And it showed me one of the greatest love stories of all time: Pam and Jim………..and Michael Scott.
Best Episodes: Season 2 Episode 1-The Dundies
(That Tiny Dancer background music  wins me over every time.)
Season 5 Episode 14/15: Stress Relief
(Two Words: Dwight. Schrute)
Numero 2:
Can we all just talk about what great actors these all are? I don’t know. Just, for some reason, they all impress me so much, especially Robin and when she goes from calm human to screaming “PATRICE” like a freaking madman. I watched this series together with my sister, and sometimes my family, and personally, they created really great moments for us. Some of these episodes will influence me for the rest of my life, and have thought me so much about whatever love could be with another person. A different kind of love that you experience when you find the person you  want to be with forever…Ugh. That’s my romantic Ted Mosby side of me speaking. Gotta go Robin Scherbatsky now. JK. But this show is great, along with it’s characters and Bob Saget’s warming narrator voice. Marshall’s slaps. The Ducky Tie. Barney. Barney. Lily the bitch snitch but also the cool one. Robin the totally Canadian one, and the rad one. And ted. Ted Mosby: the freaking insane storyteller.
Best Episodes: Last Cigarette Ever and No Pressure
Numero 3:
This show is just my life. Actually, this is the best T.V show/story/anything ever. If I were to write about it, I would have to make an entire separate entry just talking about The Wonder Years. First T.V Show I ever cried in. Don’t even get me started on my experience watching the finale on Netflix. But yeah. Kevin Arnold. Winnie Cooper. Paul Pfeiffer are basically my life. I’ve said too much already. Will save the rest once I watch the whole series again and then immediately write about it.
Best Episodes: Every. Single. One
Numero 4:
This Show. Freaking Hilarious. And the concept, for some reason, may not seem original to many, but to me, it is just something I have never seen or experienced before. And the one-liners here are seriously memorable. Zach Stone is one cringe-worthy, horrible, amazing character and human being. I just wish this show wasn’t canceled for Bo Burnham is a genius.
Best Episodes: Zach Stone Is Gonna Be The Zachelor and Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Scary

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