Something Hillary Clinton said Reworded

“Even when we are tired and all we want to do is go away by ourselves to a secluded place and rest awhile,” Clinton said, “even then, especially then, let’s make it happen.”


In other words:


(I was going to make this an entire, somewhat insightful entry, but I literally intended to write this 3 months ago, and that never happened, but I’m also trying to get rid of all the drafts I have for blog posts.)

I will say one thing though.

Hillary Clinton, again, really is just saying to ‘just do it’. You know, just make something. Create something. Change something. But in much wiser and intellectual words. I mean, she is Hillary Clinton. Basically the God of feminism, mainly because most people only know her as one of the most hardworking women in politics and history, but there’s a lot of other awesome, inspiring women out there, you know? Wait, I gotta stop. My indulgence into feminism is to be saved for another day.

Anyways…I always remember Nike’s logo whenever I get really down, or get into an immense stage of procrastination due to fear of failure, because that’s basically what procrastination is. To withhold doing anything for fear of failure. You get used to it. At least I got used it. I accept my pathetic procrastination, then move on and try again, and like Sir Nike says: Just Do It. Just accomplish something, one by one. A story. A blog entry. An SAT practice test. Reading a book. Practicing violin. I get up, stop the intoxicating machine that is Netflix, and just do something valuable.

And then other times…I continue watching Netflix. But then I try again the next day. That’s all you can do, right?

I mean, you don’t fail until you die.

That’s my main mantra right there. Yep.

Random thought of the day: Did Nike ever think about other ways people could decipher their logo? I mean, seriously. Sure, it’s still a good quote to live by, but in the right situations…you know what I’m saying? Yep.


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