The Theme Song Series Vol.1

I contemplated deciding to make a series of my favorite theme songs from television shows, movies, video games in a span of five seconds and have decided to do it. It’s going to be freaking amazing. 

Today’s theme song:

(Mental Drum roll please….GIVE ME A DRUM ROLL NOW.)

Reasons for it’s awesomeness: It’s a pretty great song to jam to. Just dance and jam out all day long, no matter how lame the word jam sounds, it’s the perfect way to describe the effect of this song. Regina Spektor also has an pleasantly sooth and sweet voice. 

I wake up to this every morning now ever since my mother started watching Orange is the New Black obsessively of course. Who to blame? Netflix…obviously. Always blame Netflix, because it’s always Netflix’s fault. Not your own procrastination, it’s Netflix…

The lies that I tell myself… sigh.


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