These Movie Soundtracks are the flat out best. For real.

School has begun yet again…another year of battle, carpe diem, and strength and honor quotes, but all that is for another day. Study time is continuing to surmount, painfully, and this these soundtracks are both my way of keeping me sane trying to understand what is an incomprehensible Physics. 

Listen to all the Volumes. They are absolutely insanely beautiful and awesome.
Time-Inception will never stop being genius.

Cinema Paradiso will never stop being freshly sweet and warm.

The Truman Show will never stop being legendary.

And Schindler’s List? It’s Itzhak Perlman caressing the violin. Of course it’s incredible.  

By the way, click on Playlist to get to all the videos. I actually did not know to do that…The important thing is I figured it out eventually. Eventually. 


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