Calculus, K-POP/ROCK, and A Violin Lesson…and other nuances of the day

Thankfully, homework is minimal today. It should have been yesterday, but the Gods were not in my favor. I went to bed at around 1:30 in the morning. Why? The blog title, that’s why. 

What does the blog tile mean exactly? Studying for my AP Calculus test while simultaneously procrastinating by searching up Behind The Scenes videos of the Korean Drama To The Beautiful You my mother infected my brain with/introduced me to, which of course led to a K-POP obsession, which of course leads to my foreseeable doom. 

Ok, maybe not doom, but something nearby doom-levels.

Actually, I really only listen to one K-POP group, and it’s not even K-POP; it’s more like K-Rock, as lame as that sounds… They’re called CNBLUE. I legitimately recommend them, actually. They have some rad music, not even going to lie. Guitar riffs and solos that just make you want to stand up in the middle of your room and rock out all day long…usually because of their live performances. They’re live performances have a much more intimate, great, energetic, rock and roll sound than the downloadable versions of their songs do. NO. I can’t reveal to much. I must save the rest for my Guiltless Guilty Pleasure series. That reminds me, I need to continue my Theme Song Series. 

But for now…enjoy these majestic minutes of pure pop rock, which can be good people. Pop Rock can be awesome. (I recommend all the songs here, but take note of “I’m Sorry” at around 24:00, and Like a Child, which is around 45:00.)

That’s whole concert is usually what makes me want to do my daily 20-30 minutes of exercise…otherwise, no. 

Now time for another random topic transition to my Violin. (Score) Not really. 

Okay. So here’s the deal. I’ve decided to practice violin every single day starting the last week of August. So far, success, in terms of practicing daily, not sound. No no no no no. 


Actually, I think I’m going to stop here. I know I said I would post everyday, at least for a little while, but what I was trying to do here was replicate what I was feeling and thinking yesterday. See, I was supposed to start this blog yesterday, and I only got to the tile, precisely because I had an AP Calc test to study for, CnBlue to obsess over, and a violin to practice. But today’s a completely other day; talking about all that stuff doesn’t seem to fit in my mind anymore. It like everything I was writing was fake, and writing this blog entry felt more like an awkward required task than something real and a part of my personality. This feels more real, even though it’s absolutely pointless. Hopefully I’ll write a better blog entry later, about my day today, but unfortunately, I’m not really feeling anything real yet, if you know what I mean, and that’s kind of scary. I might be a little mad and frustrated, or angsty or whatever.

Damn, I must sound annoying. Anyways, instead, here’s a great album that you can’t say is not a great album because you just can’t, at least to my face, because I mentally will just not accept it. You can say, in your blog, but I just, won’t take in those words, you know what I mean? Okay, I’m done blabbering. (Many of you might hate Coldplay, but I know a considerable amount of people love them, and that includes me. ok? ok.)



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