A Political Statement…Not really actually.

Sometimes I feel like making a political statement, but then I think, wait Indira, you don’t know anything about politics.

I completely acknowledge that I am drifting through my AP Government class as nonchalantly as I possibly could, even though I really should not be and should be attempting, at least by some measure, to become more politically aware.

I mean, I know things. It’s not that I’m a complete “Dwight you ignorant slut”. (It’s becominga world renowned phrase, BTW’s)

Although foreign affairs do really interest me. they bring in an aspect of life I’m not used to. I don’t know if you knew this, but there’s something so…cultural, yes, cultural about cultures, you know what I mean? I’m kidding, that self-explanatory and a stupid joke.

But world cultures really interests me. It presents me with ideas people here would consider radical, admirable, bat-shit crazy, beautiful, and more. It depicts the lives of people, living in this weird world, just like me, but in a entirely different situation and setting. I mean, What makes them smile? What makes them sad? Are they allowed the search for a pursuit of happiness? Everyone deserves that, obviously, but things just don’t pan out that way, and people snatch each others singular fundamental human rights from one another.

Perhaps the world will always remain this way. When I think about the generation of millennial’s taking over the world as adults, I can easily picture a more open society, maybe even a little clueless, or maybe extremely intelligent. But how are we going to handle the world internationally. I mean, that’s some scary shit man. How are millennial’s going to handle terrorists like ISIS, or Hamas, or people in Ohio cutting of their co-worker’s heads.

I think were probably going to take the following steps:

1. Cuss and say “Shit, Damn, or Fuck.”

2. Efficiently deal with the situation

There’s a lot of really ingenious millenial’s in society right now. It’s so crazy I can’t really begin to imagine what the government, or human right’s will be perhaps 30 years from now. The people sitting next to me are going to be controlling things, me included. I’m going to be a fundamental part of this messed up game of shoots and ladders otherwise known as THE WORLD.

I can’t wait to be an adult.

Just kidding, I can wait.


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