Commencing, Embarking, big words suck I just want to say I’m ready to start 2015

In reality, I have deep respect for higher level diction. Sophistication can be quite elegant.

But at the same time I’m into straightforwardness and not putting aside the beautiful.

It’s a mediocre happy medium. 🙂

I totally miss blogging. When I think I about it, it could be easier and more beneficial to do this thing, whatever it is, through video, but in this instance, I don’t have to show my face and I can just act out what I’m writing in my brain-also a little bit in person- as I’m writing it. I really do make sudden spasms/slight movements with my head as I write. It’s like I’m having a meaningful conversation with my computer screen.

So, all of you must know that New Year’s Resolutions don’t just happen, right. Humans have to work to get their shit done. I know my toilet knows that I know that it knows that, is true.

Some people hate toilet humor. I get it, I do.

I don’t.

Anyways, yeah. I started out my day watching some Property brothers, due cause to my Mom, but the show is incredibly enticing. For some reason I love watching fugly houses re-invented with a flood of mistrust emanating from the customer. Rejection is the best.

I plan to write everyday. No, I don’t plan that. I’m just going to do it.

I still have much to finish off this year.

The cool thing about ending 2014, I’m usually really nervous while I stare at the ball drop timer ticking down to its very last second. I’m nervous about if I can make this year a good one for myself, because I doubt a lot. But this year I spent my first second of 2015 just happy. Like I could inhale a new hair, and exhale a better version of myself. But that alone is my job to do, and I just got to keep telling myself that.

Until next time,



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