A Show Called Running Man-Nevermind

I was going to talk about a show called Running Man, but I decided, I feel like there are more important things to talk about.

My eyes are blinks away from permanent closure-at least for bedtime. I like this feeling. I also live the feeling of working hard, with results.

I need to get ready for school soon. I need to prepare some things for my T.V Broadcast class. Some intellectual world news everybody should now, although I’m a bit weary on bringing in really sad things. I don’t want to depress people more than they already are, but the cold truth is, people need to know these things. By not knowing, we won’t do anything. But more importantly, by not acknowledging, humans won’t do anything to change things either. For example- no, too tired for the lame example I was going to write about.


So, after completing the sentence above, I decided to look up WheezyWaiter, the Youtuber, because their was a second where I thought about the possibility of writing a story about a waiter who has asthma. I might do it. Anyways, from there, I found myself searching for Hank Green, and then from there, his suggestions for the most important videos of 2014.

And yes, they are extremely essential. So much so I thank God for allowing me to watch these videos, sincerely.

Here is the link itself:

Malala’s acceptance speech is the first one I looked at. Hank Green said it would make me cry. He was right. It will make you cry too. I connected with Malala a long time ago. I remember the short little square article I read about her in a TIME Magazine, and when I read she was my age, I was mind blown. It was my first gateway revelation into knowing that I could stand up and change the world.

And this is really hard for an ambitious and lazy person to do. So for a long time I have only felt the anger injustice stirs within me, I have only felt the desire to change this, I have only dreamed of successfully making a name for myself.

But after seeing Malala’s speech for the Nobel Freaking Peace Prize, I realized that everything I have been doing, all my dreaming and desire to change things, has all been wrong. This is not the way to think about bringing change.

I don’t need success, I don’t need recognition, I don’t need praise. I just need to know in my heart that people out there, children, teenagers, animals, plants, and trees and Mother earth’s soil are not committed with injustices. Things that should not happen, should not happen, so why do they?

This speech was probably the greatest speech I’ve ever experienced. What a brave human being. What a kind and good nature-d girl. As I watched her, I could see the influences of the world. Sometimes I saw glimpses of Dr. Martin Luther King, and the way he spoke. But ultimately, in the end, this speech is just Malala.

I always felt like I needed to deserve things I receive to be successful. But this should not be a mindset at all. I mean, all humans, all children and animals and environments deserve their natural rights-they are NATURAL rights.

I want to make sure everyone has the same opportunity, as I do, to live. To live their dream, to live to their upmost potential, to experience this terrible and beautiful life as a human being. If only everyone could see our human potential for good.

It excites me, the action of bringing change to injustice. But I must be aware of myself as well. There will come a time where I have an individual dream. I mean, I want to write stories, I want to make movies, I want to feel what it’s like living doing these things, but I want to make sure every kid, every girl, can dream for these living feelings too.

Malala is a great person. I wish I could meet her and shake her hand one day. I don’t usually write this way. I try to write as weird and as anti-optimistic as possible, kidding; but I have never wanted to directly shake someone’s hand so much. Maybe that’s why it felt strange to me. Anyways, maybe I just won’t wait anymore. Maybe I’ll actually do. But that’s all up to me.

I need to watch that video 100 more times for inspiration.

But for now, brush teeth and fall deeply asleep.


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