Minimizing Confidence

Any second now my mom’s going to come barging in to relish catching me in the act not doing Physics.

Since no one reads this, it’s okay to talk about how sad I am right now, as much as I’m trying not to be. I guess the past week I just reached a high point in my month. Maybe my period is coming, I don’t know.

Anyways, it’s okay to drone about being uselessly sad because there’s so much other crap in the internet. Why not crap on it some more?

One thing does make me happy though.

Sitting up straight, listening to CNBLUE’S freaking incredible FNC Kingdom concerts totally rocking out, and doing quality work.

Also exercising really relieves my stresses.

I’m expecting to let a lot of people down in the future. Like, a second from now and all the seconds onward in my life.

You know what else I fucking hate. Not being able to type efficiently. Sometimes I can , sometimes I can’t. Don’t mean to lash out, sometimes I can’t control it, but I freaking fucking hate it. Why can’t I be 2.0 Indira all the time.

If you knew how many mistkes I actually aasjkl;fasdffjkl;;sw;hio

I may just be done with this right now. I’m going to continue doing Physics and try to make myself more mad.

(sarcastic smiley face :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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