Around the World In Eighty Days: The Aftermath (AKA I’m back B’s)

Hello limited number of followers. Can I just say now I recognize that my largest and most supportive audience is Indira’s Brain (Me). I am back after some depressing time off from The Weirdy Station. I thought I matured into superiority and therefore created an actually inferior blog called Around the World In One Thousand Something Days (There was an actual number involved I just do not remember it at all.) But forget that. My home, I know this now, is The Weirdy Station. This is what I started, and this is how I want to continue to demonstrate my progression as a student, educator, and person. I do plan to minimize my interests, and have more of a distinctive theme to this blog, because I have a feeling I want to make this blog more active than the rather laissez faire sidelining 12 followers I have now, no offense, but lesbe honest-you are probably not going to delve into reading this lame piece of work.

But it is true. I want to meet people. This is something I have done a very good job avoiding. Too good of a job avoiding. Now that I see myself parting from the group of five I have clung onto for so long (my family), I have that desire to explore other minds. Really, I need that desire and experience. Exploring the Korean entertainment world has only ignited this newly formed passion of mine to discover more minds and cultures and people and outer connections with strangers. At the same time, it is very hard to acquiesce (SAT WORD for agree/accept(Indira 1 SAT 0) *SAT will soon go up fast, just watch)) that I not only have to accept this separation from the people I love most in this world, but that I actually want to diverge from the family I have lived with for so long. I know it is not a complete isolation, but I can sense it. Actually, it almost feels like were growing closer while moving further apart-but I think maybe it is just that we are moving and progression into a very new, but fun trail of life and relationships. With my dad, with my mom, with my sister, with my dog, Rocky, and with myself, there is an obscure road we are inadvertently passing through, but I like it. I can feel myself becoming mature, but so immature at the same time. Maybe because it is so hard to accept maturity. I don’t want to be grown up, but it seems so cool to be. So strong to be. So easy live with maturity, but with youthful joy mixed in there too. I’m probably too young to be saying any of this, and all you oldies (I mean this is the most respectful way) out there probably think I have no right to say this, but I do abiding by the Constitution of the United States. The Founding Fathers backing me up since 1787.

I’ll continue to try blogging every day, and eventually figure out my role as a blogger, which a role I really like to pursue. I might even recreate my insta and other social networking platforms. I’m even starting to take more selfies now, which is really something I never thought I would tag along with, but I’ve had a slow spurt of confidence that has finally allowed me to accept my face as it is, precisely because I just don’t have any money for plastic surgery. (Oh Well Shrug) But I am definitely growing in confidence and acceptance in terms of outward appearance. Now I just need to work on refining what’s inside Indira A. (Last name will remain anonymous, because yes I am afraid of stalkers.) I always thought my personality was ok, and I never really thought about fixing it necessarily, because all I thought about before was changing my face, even though I knew that was impossible. I was really overwhelmed with low self-esteem about how I looked and how quiet and reserved I portrayed myself to others. I’m also slowly and thankfully learning to walk the talk. I find inspiration out of way too many things, but that’s definitely a good thing. Without inspiration, this blog would have never even started and I would be in a total rut right now. As Chanyeol from EXO exclaims, I shall mature through my past experiences in confronting my faults and hopefully move forward as a better person. HIM HIM HIM HIM. HIM means strength in Korean, except you don’t pronounce it the same way you pronounce the male connotation of Him, as in Him over there. Just beware, whenever I say HIM, and they are in capital letters, it means I’m screaming for power/strength.


Goodnight and Welcome to The Weirdy Station. Depart time: Now.

*I really should do a better job of working this blog as a train station analogy. That would be so fun and cool. Some one out there would probably comment “No it wouldn’t.” In the meanest and straight faced tone ever.*

Okay. Cud.