last one friends.-ha. not really

hello legions of followers:

(And now back to somewhat correct grammar and punctuation)

Today, I am finally compiling my high school life’s ultimate resume. It’s scary. Things went by ordinarily fast, and I can’t seem to grab a hold of life yet. I’m still trying, and that’s what matters. I know all of you super successful people out there who say, “You’ve tried so many times just give up!”. My brain said that in a way more badass voice than your head is probably saying, cause’ rereading it just sounds so lame.

Want to hear a plus side of my last high school year? I’m not crying as much!!! Yay. It was a serious problem though. Thinking back on it makes we want to cry, because when I’m happy, and when I’m smiling, I’m actually a really happy, childish, and playful person, but depression really gets to me. Things have started to change though. I don’t let the pangs of pain in my heart get to me so much anymore, and I enjoy the moments I spend with my family rather than lament over the time I wasted not doing work or watching Korean related stuff.

Per usual, I have totally become one of those people who don’t have a crap idea what they want to do with their lives, or how to achieve it. It really seems like things are too late, and now things will just be harder to do later on, but I actually have the strength to do them now. It’s taken a long time to grow up even a little bit. I’m still just a kid, and will probably keep it that way for some time to come, because I enjoy life living as an aegi. But I’ll be a hard working kid in her 20’s.

I know one thing that I want for my future. I want to make more friends. I haven’t done a good job TRYING to do this. I usually just let it happen. Although, that method actually got me one really cool chingu. Still, it has dawned on me that social skills are actually a really nice and kind quality to have, but I don’t want to erode my introverted personality 100 percent. I enjoy listening more than telling stories, but when I do have a story to tell, I want to tell it to everyone in the world, but nobody will listen because no one has ever really heard or recognized that I actually have a voice under that quiet exterior. A loud and messy voice, but a passionate one.

I wanted to write only on a few things today. One last time, I will say that I missed writing on the weirdy station. It’s always really fun and emotional, but I think the time has come to say goodbye.

…..(pause for 2 minutes…)

You know, that sounded like a future event. I actually do not wish to terminate the Weirdy Station. It’s a refuge to dispose of my struggles and personality with virtual beings. I have memories here. I have thoughts here that I don’t have anywhere else, but I think it’s time to experiment with a new branch of voice. One that challenges my intellectual potential.

Do you think I should start a vlog? Or like- a Youtube channel where I dispel all the cool things I think and care about. Maybe…. Put broadcasting my face to a plausible(although highly unlikely) audience of millions does not sound very nice. Still, making videos sounds cool. I just don’t know what videos I want to make yet. Or! I could just write stories and post them on a blog solely dedicating to my writing! That sounds cool.

Anyways, I got to get back to my resume. I’ll see you later weirdy station.