Im home weirfos

I’m changing this blog to be called The Weirfo Station ;000000000.

Just kidding. I would never commit that typo atrocity. It’s been a long time friend.

Not gonna lie, I really think I forgot how to write and diligently type. It’s been too much of a math year. I had to let go of a lot of the expressive side of me for my first year of college as a pending Computer Engineering major.


I will regain the few grammar skills I had! I will renew the creativity I never had! I will surge my typing speed once again, and utilize this amazing blog as a source of relief and expression of the random thoughts I wish to dispel and nourish and blossom upon the world.

To be honest, MGMT made me like this. MGMT made me want to return home today, at this very moment. There is so much power and expression in the Oracular Spectacular album that really inspires me to spill out feelings and ideas and basically everything. UGGGHHH! This year happened so fast when will I recount it all and when will I reflect on what I must improve on!

When will I do what I love again.

One day, I’ll figure it out. What’s sad is, at this very moment, everything that I am doing…is for the money. I became a person who really believes that lifes’ many problems can be solved with money, and this fact makes me really distraught and cray cray.

I just want to be myself again. I don’t know where you are bro!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?

Maybe I am undergoing the 4th Dimensional Transition.



I mean, I am listening to it right now at this very moment. (Sly emoji smile)

Friends. The weirdy station is back, and it can never leave. (insert suga shrug after he calls himself a genius here)

See you tomorrow chingu.


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