fake love

whole time they wanna take my place.

but do they?

I don’t trust a word you say.

DAMN. This song is really relatable, as an accuser and as an accused. Otakaji?

How you gonna click up after your mistakes?

Wow Drake. Do you know me and the average human population?

I asked my sister a few days ago if she showed fake love to other people, because lately, I was really dreading that I was doing that.

I mean. I am a quiet, forgotten person on this earth. It’s hard to understand that I matter to some people other than family. Friends are really a great thing, but the way I was raised, and the experiences that I’ve had, friends have been taught to become a fake unnecessary thing. It is your family that will stick with you forever. It is your family you need to stick with forever. We are one.

Others are not always one. That is, until you find someone really special and relatable. I have one or two people like that. Really nice, kind, humble, and warm people. Society is such a tough weird place to integrate myself to.

Even though I say it is hard for me to connect and let myself go to most people, I know if I transformed and improved my mindset, I could reach more people. I could adequately collaborate with intelligence and desire and understanding.

But as I am, I have fear. I fear physical expression and its effect. I fear disappointment and rejection from others. I fear tension and stares and the mere possibility of a physical attack.

As I am now, I can be easily traumatized. But I must move past this. I can’t be a trembling baby anymore man. Do other people really matter to you? Do others interest you? Do you have the responsibility to move past your fear of rejection, and proudly, eagerly even, thank others, welcome others, help others in a variety of situations?

When you meet a really good person, it’s absolutely shocking. It’s such a rarity, but’s those people exist out there, and you can tell that they are really good people my the feel of their smile and humbleness of their welcome. I mean, good people are really kind, and good really people really show their appreciation for this life and the life of others. I wish to someday be like that.

Drake, I will try to not show fake love anymore. Unless there is someone toxic in my life- then its bye bitch.


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