i didn’t realize that the show was over.

Music: Epik High Shoebox Entire Album

It’s a monday people!!!!

I’m not ready to start the week. Maybe that’s because I’m in the refuge of my parents home still waiting for my phone 😦

I feel so messed up sometimes out of nowhere. To be honest, I’m procrastinating right now.

Hey! I know what love is. Can you believe? Even if that person cuts and stabs at your gut, scratches at your heart… you still feel your heart radiating an infinite love for them. Even though it may sad sound, sometimes love is truly that infinite. If only I could feel that for myself.

Don’t worry. I’m trying to figure it out.

As long as I have the patience and determination in me, I have to keep trying. Keep trying everyday and reflect on your mistakes, but don’t lament on them forever. It’s tiring.

Wow. If Epik High doesn’t make some of the best melodies…BYE.

I can definitely see where BTS’s ingenuity comes from. It’s incredible.

keep trying keep going

love yourself.

I will always believe in you, and I will always love you.

My soft hours have concluded.

But not really.


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