Why the weirdy station? I was feeling weird at the time, but then I feel that way all the time so….

Anyways, I like to write, a lot, as many human minds do. And most of the time I write about everything, something, and nothing. So if you like everything, something, and nothing, you might like what I have to say, or you might hate what I have to say. It goes both ways. Also, I think brain thoughts are the best thing in the world, along with my background. I mean, come on, it’s freaking amazing. Other than that, you should know I have a dog named Rocky who is really Rocky Balboa, I’m planning on having a T.V Show one day. It’s not a dream, it’s a thing. It’s a thing that’s going to happen no matter what. Ummm, I have consistent internal states of psychedelic confusion, angst, and every human feeling jumbled up in one moment at least once a week as a result of life, and I love books. One last thing that is uncomprehendingly cheesy, but my mantra and source of life: I love my family. Oh, and I’m a weird human, but then again, so is everyone in their own way, or else they wouldn’t be human.


“Stop calling it a dream…Dreams are something that are far away. Take that word out of your vocabulary because it keeps it far away.”
-Josh Radnor



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