Another Day Wasted

I think it’s important to talk about the Wasteful Days. I mean, yeah, at some point it just gets profusely redundant, but if that’s all I have on my mind write now, and I feel a need to write, then I’m going to write about My wasteful day.

So, the source of this Wasteful Day?


Or more specifically The Glee Project Season 2, the incredibly interesting contenders, and what they’re doing now. That started yesterday, and today was Glee Project Season 2 and Glee Kurt and Blaine moments wasteful day.

And to be honest… I don’t feel that guilty today! Seriously, and I completely wasted my day: COMPLETELY. I’m watching these lives find success and encounter unnecessary drama on a television screen with their amazingly beautiful looks, instead of doing something with my life.

I mean, looking at the bright side, the day is not over, you know. The day, the way I see it, ends at 12:00 AM midnight, so I pretty much still have 5 hours. And 5 hours may seem short, but everything can happen in five hours. EVERYTHING.

So here’s the deal I just made with myself. Every time I have a wasteful days, the next six days have to be total active, on my game days. I CANNOT, CANNOT have two wasteful days in a row. It’s just not gonna happen.

Yeah, so now that that detail in my life is set, I’m ready. Me and my sister even made a list people! A list, and everyone knows once you make a list, it’s a bid deal. (Not really. I’ve LI-TE-RA-LLY made millions of list and have failed on a number of occasions on completing every task, but this time, it’s going to be better.)

Well, gotta go. I’m happy to just have written something, even though it’s absolutely useless, I mean more useless than usual, because at the end of the day, any writing is an accomplishment. I mean. I’m writing people! WRITING. And it’s a universal thing, and it’s awesome. Okay, well, I guess that’s it for now.