Spring Break: The Wasteful Days

Well, Spring Break is over now, and times are sad again, because of course, illegitimate school is throei.g itself at me once again. Man, I hate it.

But then again, school provides you with something, anything to do, in contrast to doing absolutely nothing throughout the day. And let’s be honest, most of us have wasted precious hours instead of making, creating, impacting society our ourselves in any way. It’s a really dirty, gruggy feeling, at least to me that’s how a wasteful day feels like, and it’s a really guilty feeling that can lead to a tormenting of the self conscious. I mean, you know you could have done so much more, yet you continue to daze your eyes for hours in front of that televisio, watching some television show, or really, watching someone else’s life forming and happening right in front of you, instead of forming your own life! The wasteful days always gets to me, but the thing is, at the beginning of that wasteful day, before you realize how wasteful the day was, or the regret of throwing a way a day, the prospect of rest, or a.break from life is intoxicating. But for a person who has goals, and tough goals for their life, not a single day should be wasted away.

I know the way I speak of this, it could be a lead in to some momentous statement that from now on I will never waste a day away watching TV, or reading useless articles about celebrites, and even spending too much time reading important articles or organization websites instead of taking those ideas and putting them through action whether it is writing about them, or carrying out an active project.

Wasteful days are a part of life, and sometimes they may even be  necessary if you do spend your days relentlentlessly working, just remember to keep the wasteful days down to a minimum.

The aftereffects of a day spent wasted is just not cool. Not cool at all, at least for me.

So why do I write about it? Wouldn’t it be that writing on the topic of a wasteful day be wasteful and useless itself?

Well, you see, one of the reasons that I write, is because an event, idea, object has impacted me, and I don’t want to just keep it in my mind for no one to see, or to see and look at myself with words. These thoughts and words that I am writing are hapenning live, RIGHT NOW. I won’t be thinking these exact thoughts anymore tomorrow, or a minute from now, or even  second from now. Okay, I’m kind of drifting away from the point of why I wrote this. I write about events and moments that impact me, everybody does, or at least should. And as ironic as it may seem, wasteful days make a big impact on me. They inspire me to be better, to DO better, because I know that I can, and the post-day guilt is just too influential to my mind that I can’t not write about it.

So this might be a stupid blog entry anyways, but I don’t care. Wasteful days are a problem, serious problem, in this generation of millenials, and I guess through this I addressed that issue, and its need to be minimized as much as the human teenager could possibly fight off their laziness. 

So I guess that’s it for now.

Random Statement of the day: Gym membership price is completely unfair, and so not cool.