TCWT Blog Chain…Woah, Let’s talk about books.

So, here’s the thing about writing about books: It’s that I haven’t read as many at this point in my life as I think I should have…I don’t know. It seems that if I have any aspiration of being a writer, I should have read a wide range of books by now, but then again, I’m still young, and I have a whole three months of sweet, sweet summer to read, and that’s beautiful.

Anyways, LET US BEGIN.
Topic: What kinds of published books would you like to see more of? 
1. Teenagers or children growing up (or I guess better said, “coming of age”), in obscure countries we don’t really hear or read a lot about; ever bro. What I’m talking about here is countries like Bolivia or Argentina, the Philippines, Finland, Uzbekistan, Turkey, or some other country most people don’t care about, or don’t take notice of. See, teenagers are universal, if that wasn’t made clear by the life cycle, but there are so many of us going through what many would call, “The Wonder Years” (if you get my T.V show reference) or what I would call “The worst years of your LIFE”. And every country has there own culture, or restrictions, or government, but most importantly, every country has there own way of growing up, and it is the time while we are growing up as teenagers that is most important, and should be the time of our lives most learned and analyzed from. I want to know what it’s like to go to school in Hungary. I want to know what it’s like to like a boy or girl in Uzbekistan, or what it’s like to live with a family raised in the Philippines, or what it’s like for a teenager with dreams and ambitions as huge as ours in a country so limited of opportunity. I want to meet these teenagers, same age as I am, and see through their eyes a place on the other side of the entire planet. 
2. Books from the point of view of an INSUFFERABLE DOUCHE. You know, like total tyrannical fascists like Stalin or Hitler, or more unknown, but equally as unethical, the average school bully. It’s strange, right? Why would we want to read books about the worst people on the planet and that EVER lived? But at the same time these horrible people, at the end of it all, are still people, with feelings, and hormones, and fears. The mystery is, just what made them think the way they do? What happened to them, or how did it function in there mind that what they were doing was okay? I mean, there’s always a background to everything, and maybe some of these horrible people don’t really want to be horrible, so then why are they?

3. Homeless people, AKA Hobos. You know, people living on the streets of New York City, or Austin TX; I’ve truthfully NEVER read a book about a homeless person, let alone a homeless teenager living on the streets. Sure, I guess Brian in Hatchet is homeless, but he just trying to survive in the wild, not on the streets of some of the grandest, beautiful cities in the world, like NYC. It would be interesting to me to see a world of success, passion, excitement, crime, malice, and injustice from the eyes of a homeless person. How they live, where, what they go through in the winter, in the hottest of summers. A lot of things can happen to homeless people. From the encounters I have heard from, people tell me some of these homeless people begin to lose their minds a little bit. I don’t mean to sound rude or crass, but being homeless can be a real detriment to the mind. It’s just a topic I have never really seen in published books.

4. Toddlers. These types of books would be pretty difficult to write to the core, because so few of us really remember what we were like as toddlers; and sure you can search up all of the scientific studies done on toddler’s and their brains, but nothing is like actually describing seeing the entire world as a toddler, or to be even more extreme, a baby. But then again, vocabulary is VERY limited at that age… I don’t know. Whenever I look into the eyes of a growing toddler or baby, and I see that insane expression of wonder whenever these little humans experience something new, I’m like, “Man, what the heck must that baby human be thinking?!” The expanding mind is a crazy thing.

Yep, so I guess that it for now. This was a really awesome topic and awesome blog chain. May the force be with you all young Padawans…but especially me because my Chemistry exam will be horrible. I mean the worst. The worst.

ANYWAYS, here’s the rest of the list of some freaking awesome writers, because writing, simply said, is awesome:

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